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We are Wellgevita

We provide easily accessible expert weight loss, wellness and fitness plans to help you act on your health goals right away.

Our Mission

At Wellgevita we are committed to take individuals from a non-optimum state of health to an optimum, vibrant state of health. This path often starts with weight loss, progresses to wellness, and ultimately ends with the learning, understanding and application of longevity science.

The problem? There is a lot of confusion around the subject of weight loss and wellness. At Wellgevita we address this disarray with education that is usable and easily actionable. The results a person gets from applying the education help them discern the truth and find clarity.

Wellgevita’s mission is to make nutrition, lifestyle medicine, fitness and longevity science easily accessible to individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their own health so that they can create unstoppable health for themselves and their families.

What We Believe

Education Is The Key

To move individuals along a continuum of weight loss, wellness and longevity, our job is that of an educator who emphasizes accurate technology that helps to look for the cause of sub optimal health. Once the cause is identified, the solution includes a scenario where the individual is fully educated about the lifestyle changes that are required to create optimal health so that the recurrence of poor health is not possible.


Easy Access to Information

A good health care system is one where everyone has access to simple, inexpensive and workable information and training on health promotion and disease prevention; where patients are looked at as participating students, and primary care doctors as teachers; and where man is unburdened by his physical complaints so that he is more engaged in the pursuit of his spiritual freedom and helping his fellow man.

Delivery System

After years of research we found that simple, basic actions can give one excellent health, but they must be done in a particular way and in a certain sequence to deliver long term consistent results. Doctors and the public know these basic elements are needed for optimum health, but what has been missing is a delivery system that designates exactly how to do it.

Easy Solutions to Underlying Causes

To build health one must address the underlying cause of body conditions and find a solution that is not complicated.

Holistic Approach to Wellness

For a person to experience optimal health he or she must always consider the three parts of himself – the spirit, the mind, and the body – before he or she can establish the correct priorities in getting well.


Prevention of Disease

We believe in the prevention of disease by emphasizing knowledge such as rest and sleep, air and breathing, water and hydration, food and nutrition, and body form and movement.

Wellness-Based Weight Loss Plans that Lead to Longevity

Wellgevita Tools

Mobile & Desktop App for Delivery

Everything you need to be successful at weight loss in one simple platform. Easily access your recipes, shopping lists and meal plans while you’re on the go.

Lifestyle, Food & Fitness Plans

We guide members in all areas that impact health, longevity and wellbeing: nutrition & food, fitness & exercise plus lifestyle & mindset.

Weight Loss Success Kit

Tracking progress is key to successful weight loss. Taking different types of measurements is very important, as weight is not neccesarily the best indicator of fat loss. Accurate tracking will help to motivate you.

Access to Fitness, Nutrition & Life Coaches

Our plans are designed to be followed through our app-assisted step-by-step instructions. If you get stuck or if you want one-on-one coaching to enhance yoru results, our expert coaches can be requested right from inside your app and account.

Personalization of Plans With Genetic Profiling

Fine tune your lifestye, diet and exercise protocol by evaluating your unique genetic make-up and adapting your plans for your genes. Access targeted protocols to reverse epigenetic changes. Let technology serve you.

Wellgevita App Wellness Based Weight Loss Programs

Flexible Monthly Membership

Join a community of like-minded health conscious individuals in our monthly membership that gives you access to all our nutrition and exercise plans (one at a time). Easily switch to a different plan at any time.

Meet Our Clinical Director

Dr. Claude Matar founded Wellgevita in 2020. It is a culmination of his 30 years of clinical experience and combining this experience with the technology we have available today to reach and help more people. Wellgevita is a distillation of the knowledge gained from his award-winning weight loss program offered since 1996 at Pasadena Weight Loss Center. The goal with Wellgevita is to make his clinical weight loss program and longevity expertise available to people anywhere in the world.

Dr. Matar received his MD in 1986 and became board certified in naturopathic medicine and a clinical nutritionist 1998. Instead of practicing western or eastern medicine, his research into the underlying cause of illness and disease lead to the development of a completely natural and highly effective longevity protocol for men and women over 50, through patient lifestyle education. For over two decades, most clients have been reversing chronic disease, reducing or eliminating their meds and, of course, achieving optimum weight and body composition with what he then termed: the FIT50 longevity program.

Dr. Claude Matar Clinical Nutritionist and Medical Doctor founder of Wellgevita Weight Loss Coaching System

Nutrition & Food Plans

Our plans range from short term fast weight loss plans to long term lifestyle plans. We also have plans with special focus like brain health, cardiovascular health, celiac plans and gut repair. 

Fitness & Exercise Plans

No matter how fit or sedentary you are now, we have a plan to suit your exact level of fitness. Our membership is designed to take you from where you are to how fit and strong you want to be. 

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