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The Wellgevita Membership

The Wellgevita membership is a monthly membership that’s designed to help members move from a sub-optimal state of health to an optimal and beyond optimal thriving state of energy and wellness. It guides and educates members in the three major areas – nutrition, exercise and lifestyle – that impact wellness. Wellgevita plans are varied and there’s a plan to meet each person where they’re at. Members can switch plans as they move along the continuum of improving their health and wellbeing. A member may start out with the desire to lose 20 lbs and may choose to continue once that goal is reached to dive deeper and move further to exuberant health and learning the latest longevity science. The membership gives members access to unlimited plans plus the option to request access to professional wellness, weight loss, nutrition and fitness experts so that members can get one-on-one coaching as they may need while they progress on the path to optimal health.

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Nutrition Plan

Food is so much more than fuel. It contains information that delivers messages to our body. That’s why our health is directly linked to what we eat. Our nutrition plans bring the latest nutrition science to you in an easy to implement format.
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Fitness Plan

Movement affects metabolism, hormones, bone density, genetic expression, mood and so much more. Whether you’re just starting out or are ready for advanced fitness training, we have a plan that suits your unique needs.
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Lifestyle Plan

Our genes, hormones and well-being are directly impacted by our circadian rhythms, stress levels, sleep quality, relationships, beliefs, community connections, sense of purpose and the contribution we believe we are making in the world.
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Unsure which plans to choose?

Set up a free discovery call with one of our expert nutrition & lifestyle coaches and we’ll match you with the best plans for your unique health goals and challenges.

Get The Wellgevita Success Kit

Through building highly personalized wellness and weight loss plans for hundreds and hundreds of people over more than two decades, we’ve learned that a successful weight loser goes through frequent testing, measuring and progress tracking events and tools along the way to stay focused on enjoying the journey of getting to that goal weight, rather than just eyeing the finish line.

Establishing daily, weekly and monthly weigh-ins, tests, evaluations and reviews keeps the successful weight loser engaged, invigorated and enthusiastic about continuing to work toward his/her goal.

The Wellgevita success kit is designed to help members track their progress so they can catch a departure early and nip it in the bud right away. The organic liquid multivitamin addresses any vitamin and mineral deficiencies right away. This can help tremendously with quelling cravings and helping people feel better right away.


A Smart Scale to Know Your Body

A tool to help you set goals and achieve them. Know and track your exact body composition by using a smart scale that connects with the Wellgevita app. View trends and target your efforts. The scale tracks highly accurate weight and BMI plus body fat, water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass.

Organic Liquid Multivitamin in the Wellgevita Success Kit

Liquid Wellness Multi *Organic

An organic whole food complete liquid multivitamin to immediately address any nutrient deficiencies. It contains amino acids, minerals and over 200 nutrients. It’s easier to stick to your plan when your body’s basic nutrient needs are met. Over time as your diet becomes more nutrient dense your diet will supply all the nutrients your body needs. When you just start out with a multivitamin of this quality, it is a powerful to boost your cells and mood.

Wellgevita weight loss programs online and at home

Special Measuring Tape

The special measuring tape will help you take four key measurements to track your progress accurately with great precision. Together with the tape you’ll receive detailed instructions of which four measurements to take and how to take it for precise measuring.

Download The Wellgevita App

Wellgevita App for Diet, Nutrition and Fitness Plans

Daily step-by-step instructions.
Weekly shopping lists and more.

Wellgevita plans are delivered through the Wellgevita app on Android and iOS. If you do not have access to a smart phone with android or iOs then you can access your plans through the Wellgevita web portal.

You will connect your smart scale with your account in the app so that your scale tracks your progress in the app/your account. You receive daily emails with your program for the day and step-by-step instructions.

Access Wellgevita Professional Services

Expert One-on-One Coaching

As you get started and progress on your plans you may have the desire to get help one-on-one either with nutrition and lifestyle chagnes. You may also feel inspired to dive deeper and get the extra benefits of working one-on-one with a coach. As a member you have easy access to discounted professional coaching.

online weight loss program - The Wellgevita Membership how it works
online weight loss program

Advanced Personal Training

If you prefer to work with a personal trainer one-on-one you can easily request a personal trainer within the portal or app. Your trainer will train you via video call. A trainer is especially helpful for advanced training and for those who struggle to get motivated on their own.

Genetic Lab Testing

Increase your results exponentially by taking advantage of the latest advances in medicine. We believe to get the best results in the shortest amount of time, your exercise, diet, lifestyle and environment should be adapted to specifically match your unique biology. 

online weight loss program - The Wellgevita Membership how it works
Wellgevita Therapeutic grade supplements

Professional Supplements

Not all supplements are equal. As a member you’ll have access to therapeutic grade supplements that are used and prescribed by healthcare practitioners. You can easily order and reorder supplements from within the app/portal.

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