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How Many Meals Should You Eat A Day?

Aug 1, 2020 | Lifestyle, Nutrition

Have you ever wondered how many meals you should REALLY eat a day? Most of us are programmed to eat three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner – but is that true that the body needs so much food throughout the day?

Let’s start with some basic principles to understand to evaluate this question.

#1 Eat the Least Amount of Food Possible

For creating health and longevity, science has shown that we should eat the least amount of food possible. The least amount of food without causing hunger, energy problems, or nutrient deficiencies. You want to figure out what is that smallest amount of food that is well rounded that contains all basic nutrients that will give your body what it needs to function optimally and then stick to that long term.

#2 Eat the Least Number of Meals Per Day

Why do you want to eat the least number of meals a day? Because every time you eat, nutrients have to come from the digestive system to the liver first and get processed by the liver and then the nutrients are kicked into the circulation and are delivered to the rest of the body.

This means every time you eat, you’re getting the liver involved. When the liver is involved with the meal you just ate, it is hard for the liver to process the toxins in the body, to detoxify the body, to keep the body healthy. Therefore, we want to eat as few times a day as possible.

What does that mean for you? How can you apply this?

Let’s say you’re currently eating three meals a day and you decide that OK Dr. Matar is saying I need to eat once a day and you try that and you have your first meal let’s say at 10am and you’re hungry again at 4pm; then you want to learn the next principle which is to prevent hunger.

#3 Prevent Hunger

You want to learn to eat in a fashion where you’re not eating too much and you’re not eating too frequently but you are also preventing hunger. You cannot be hungry, because then you will never succeed in reducing your meals per day. If you’re hungry that means there’s a problem. We want to fix it. You can fix it by going back to the meals you’ve been eating and you add more volume, more vegetables, more starches, more whole plant-based foods and so forth to make the meal more substantial.

Will one meal be enough to sustain you throughout the whole day? For most people the answer is no.

To learn how to gradually incorporate these three principles into your life without going hungry watch the video here that contains the full training on these principles and you can learn how to add many healthy years to your lifespan.

LIFESTYLE HABIT: Switch to eating one to two meals a day within a restricted time window.

Dr. Claude Matar weight loss expert and clinical nutritionist

By Dr. Claude Matar

Dr. Claude Matar is a clinical nutritionist and educator committed to the prevention and reversal of lifestyle diseases.  He writes about longevity science and enjoys contributing recipes to the Wellgevita blog.

He created Hygienology which is a non-medical, non-psychological, non-religious and non-political approach to longevity, based on the lifestyle of his centenarian grandfather, George, who lived to be 106, great grandmother Miriam, who lived to be 105, great-great grandmother who lived to be 116, and the many others populating the East Mediterranean region.

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