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Wellgevita Nutrition Plans

Our membership offers 19+ different nutrition plans and diets to choose from. There is a plan to suit your needs. You can also switch plans as your goals change.

Nutrition & Food Plans for Every Situation

The Wellgevita membership offers many choices of food and nutrition plans complete with daily recipes, weekly shopping lists, video instructions and daily body composition tracking with online coaching services available within the app/webportal.

Wellgevita Nutrition and Food Plans are divided into short term DIETS and long term LIFESTYLE PLANS.

Short Term Diets

Short term diets are designed to help you lose weight fast so that that you can be closer to your optimum body weight. Short term diets can also be used as quick treatment plans to address constipation and liver detoxification. However, you should understand that diets only work for the short term and must not be used as a long-term solution to weight management, wellness, and longevity. Once optimum weight is achieved, one must then move to a long-term lifestyle food plan that is better balanced. Short-term diets include the plans below.

Long Term Plans

 Long term plans are the ones that are designed to be on for the long haul. There are two categories of lifestyle plans, depending on your health status. The best long-term lifestyles have been shown to either follow plant-based path (vegan or vegetarian) or a Mediterranean path (standard or low-carb). Although both the plant-based and the Mediterranean lifestyle can help repair many health conditions, we also have some specialized repair plans, as we call them, which are designed to be used by those with long standing autoimmune/inflammation, digestive or cardiovascular conditions. Many members may find that repairing these conditions allows them to then be on a plant-based or Mediterranean plans for life.  Long term plans include the plans below.

Lifestyle Plans