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20-Minute Lean – 13 Week Plan

20 Minute workouts, 3 times per week resulting in 1 hour of exercise per week over 13 weeks taking you from unfit to strong.

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At Home Beginner Fitness Plan for Men & Women

20-Minute Lean – 13 Week Plan

This 13-week program is suited for everyone. You will start slow and build up to be strong. You will do three 20-minute workouts each week which result in a total of one hour of exercise per week for a total of 13 hours over 13 weeks. Optional high intensity interval training makes it the ideal flex plan for all to try at their own intensity level.

Gaining more muscle through resistance exercises is an integral part of any well-rounded fitness program, and it usually means losing weight by losing fat. This 13-week program combines resistance training and a sensible workout schedule that requires 20 minutes to complete each day. There are 4.3 weeks in each month making this a 13-week program: The Lean 13.

What You’ll Need to Follow this Plan

The Wellgevita App on your phone or on your computer. Your fitness regimen is delivered to your email inbox daily and is also delivered within the app on your device daily.

Space. A clean uncluttered space that is at least 10 feet by 10 feet.

Mat or bench. A yoga mat or similar floor covering to workout on or an exercise bench.

Dumbbells. At least one set of dumbbells the provide some resistance. Or a  dumbbell set (optional). Having more than one set of dumbbells will allow you to progress in strength.

Resistance bands (optional). Most exercises can also be done with bands, which can be modified or combined for extra resistance.

EZ Curl Bar (optional). Unlike a straight bar, easy curl bars make some exercises easier on the wrists.

Barbells (optional). These are the weights you put on your EZ Curl Bar.

Rack System (optional). If you have access to a rack system that holds a bar for squats or bench press, especially with a built-in cable system, you can do many exercises in one small space

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