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Constipation Correction Diet

This plan is designed to be high in fiber from minimally processed plant foods to correct and prevent constipation while it also helps you lose weight.

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About 16% of adult Americans have constipation whereas about 33% of older adults (60+) have it.

High fiber food is the primary way to correct and prevent constipation which is what this constipation correction plan is all about.

Fiber is an essential “nutrient”, of which we need 30-100g daily. Primitive tribes living primarily on minimally processed whole plant foods, who exhibit great health into old age, got over 100g of fiber daily.

Fiber occurs in nature exclusively in whole plants and comes in two main types: water-soluble, which means it has an innate ability to soak up water, leaving low insoluble residue behind (low residue) as it passes through the digestive tract; and, insoluble fiber, which is primarily used for its colon cleansing benefit. Water-soluble fiber is responsible for most of the well-documented health benefits of fiber.

This plan has helped many prevent constipation, heal hemorrhoids, prevent colon cancer, and relieve the symptoms of diverticulosis and the severe pain suffered by those with diverticulitis.

High fiber foods act by holding onto water, which increases stool weight, volume, and consistency (softer), which then helps speed up its transit through the intestines.

Fiber-rich food slows down your stomach-emptying rate, resulting in a more gradual release of food into the small intestine, which helps blood sugar rise slowly, as it should. This stabilizes blood sugar levels, preventing diabetes, sudden cravings for carbohydrates and the hormonal disturbances the body experiences when blood sugar shoots up. It also reduces oxidative stress and slows down the degenerative aging process.

Fiber-rich food can help lower the levels of unhealthy cholesterol in the blood by increasing its excretion from the digestive system due to its fat-binding capacity. This helps prevent the re-absorption of cholesterol and its consequent re-manufacture in the liver.

Fiber-rich food feeds the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, enhancing digestive function, supporting the immune system throughout the body, and helping regulate biological rhythm which can directly affect one’s metabolism and the ability to burn fat. It also helps keep bad bacteria, parasites, and yeast in check.

Fiber-rich food makes you feel full while slowing down the stomach-emptying rate. Consequently, you are less likely to overeat, reducing your caloric intake. In one study, women who took fiber just before their meals, without any conscious caloric restrictions, lost one pound per week. In fact, you can double the weight loss potential of any diet by consuming fiber-rich food at the start of your meals and as snacks during the day.


This Plan Is Suited For:

  • Age: Any Adult Age
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Weight Focus: Temporary Weight Loss
  • Health Focus: Overall Health, Digestive
  • Ease of Application: Easy

Constipation Diet Macro Nutrient Ratios

Calories: 1300/day

  • Carbohydrates 50% 50%
  • Protein 25% 25%
  • Fat 25% 25%

Compared to Recommended Longterm Plan Ratios

  • Carbohydrates (45-65%, average 51%) 51% 51%
  • Protein (10-35%, average 22%) 22% 22%
  • Fat (20-35%, average 27%) 27% 27%
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