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Fitness & Conditioning for Women – 8 Week Plan

This intermediate fitness plan is ideal for healthy individuals who are conditioned but would like to lose body fat and get in better shape.

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At the Gym Intermediate Fitness Plan for Women

Fitness & Conditioning for Women – 8 Week Plan

This is an intermediate plan for women who work out at a gym or have the equipment necessary to follow this plan at home. Recommended for healthy women who are conditioned but want to lose body fat and get in better shape.

This plan is not ideal for people with physical restrictions such as knee or back injuries or other medical restrictions.

This plan includes strength training workouts and cardio. Days of the week are split up based on the muscle group to be exercised. Here is an example of a workout for LEGS: WARM UP - 5 Minutes of Walking and 5 Minutes of Stretching. LEG WORKOUT: 3 sets each of Squats, Lunges, Leg Extensions and Leg Curls.

What You’ll Need to Follow this Plan

The Wellgevita App on your phone or on your computer. Your fitness regimen is delivered to your email inbox daily and is also delivered within the app on your device daily.

Access to a gym. It is best to have access to a gym for this plan successfully.

Dumbbells of different weights. Since you'll start of slowly and build up your strength over the weeks, having easy access to many sets of dumbbells as you do at the gym is best.

An exercise bench. As you'll be doing many resistance workouts and build muscle strength, you will use an exercise bench at your gym or home gym.

A barbell with weights. Your strength exercises will require you to have access to a barbell with weights that can be changed out as you get stronger over the weeks.

Other various gym equipment.

If you choose to do this in your home gym, make sure you have the equipment above.

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