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Plant Based Vegetarian Diet

A long term lifestyle plan that is primarily plant-based. It helps with slow, steady weight loss and is a great plan to maintain weight after following a restrictive diet for fast weight loss.

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With an average daily caloric intake of 1300 kcal., the vegetarian lifestyle diet affords balanced carbs (57%), generally high fat (31%) and balanced protein (22%), making it a long term lifestyle plan that is primarily plant-based. The plan can include occasional dairy (lacto-vegetarian), eggs (ovo-vegetarian) and seafood (pescatarian).

Moving from keto and paleo type diets to the vegetarian lifestyle is a definite step in the right direction. It is best engaged in when one has lost the weight and is ready to embark on a healthy diet for life to maintain healthy weight and prevent disease.

Types of Food You’ll Eat On This Plan

ENJOY vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, seeds and nuts, and plant-based protein.

REDUCE coffee and tea, sugar, saturated fat, and sodium.

ELIMINATE all animal products depending on the type of diet you follow. Examples: No eggs if ovo-vegetarian, and no dairy if lacto-vegetarian.

This Plan Is Suited For:

  • Age: Any Adult Age
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Weight Focus: Slow Steady Weight Loss, Long Term Weight Maintenance
  • Health Focus: Overall Health, Inflammation, Digestive, Musculoskeletal, Brain, Diabetes and Prediabetes, Liver, Cardiovascular
  • Ease of Application: Long Term Benefit with a Short Learning Curve

Vegetarian Diet Macro Nutrient Ratios

Calories: 1300/day

  • Carbohydrates 57% 57%
  • Protein 22% 22%
  • Fat 21% 21%

Compared to Recommended Longterm Plan Ratios

  • Carbohydrates (45-65%, average 51%) 51% 51%
  • Protein (10-35%, average 22%) 22% 22%
  • Fat (20-35%, average 27%) 27% 27%
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